Shop Microscopes

Shop Microscope ROM-100

The microscope is a precision workshop instrument. the light source is adjustable on a swivel. The reticel can be focused by moving the eye piece lens up or down. The object is focussed by rack and pinion move- ment. It is inexpensive substitute for toolmaker`s microscope and are used where conveneional tool like micrometer, dial gages are ineffective. The measurments can be done with the microscope. The microscope are available in 40x, 60x & 100x magnifications. Reticle: Dual scale reticle graduated in inches and millimeters. The eyepiece reticle can be rotated through 360-degrees.
Focussing: Rack and pinion focussing.
Illumination: Battery operated pen light illuminator.

Model R-40 R-60 R-100
Magnification 40x 60x 100x
Work distance 24 24 6.4
Field of View 4.25 3.25 1.7
Least count 0.02 mm 0.001" 0.02 mm 0.001" 0.02 mm 0.001"
* Dimensions given are in mm.