Comparison Microscopes

Forensic Comparison Microscopes RCM-505

Radical Forensic Comparison Microscopes were developed about four decades ago in consultation with the leading Scientists and Criminologists of world repute, thereafter The instruments are being continually updated. Comparison Microscopes are the most advanced & versatile instruments invented for comparative Micro study in Forensic Science, geology, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Crystallography and Chemical Microscopy . By means of this sophisticated instrument, two micro samples can be studied under one Eye. It combines the latest opto-mechanical developments in light microscopy. This instrument consist of two microscopes & their split images can be viewed simultaneously, with The image from one being on the left side & the other image on the right side. This Microscope can Also compare fibre, hair, bullets, paint fragments under the same lighting conditions & magnification. Both the Microscopes, having their own illuminations, quadruple revolving nosepieces, coarse and Fine motion knobs, 120mm x 120mm stages, are mounted upon a heavy built-in light base. Leveling Screws are provided to ensure their exact alignment. Transmitted illumination for transparent objects, Incident light for opaque objects and spot lamps for papers are provided for different applications. The comparison bridge brings both the beam paths together and two images of object under Examination, separated by a thin line are observed side by side in the field of view through a Monocular tube. Standard comparison Microscopes are available with Magnification from 20x to 600x having following optical Combination: Achromatic Objectives : 4x, 10x and 40x SL. Huy. Eyepieces : Wf10x, H15x, H10x micro And H5x cross. All paired objectives are flat field, strain free and having Anti- reflection coating. The Microscope is supplied with a special vice type Mechanical stages to hold objects like bullets, coins, Industrial materials etc. and another plate to hold Materials like currency notes, cartons, stamps, finger Prints etc. Total Weight : 45kg. Size of cases : 46x42x45cm. & 57x41x26 cm. Optional Accessories: Photo micrographic Attachment Projection Screen Attachment, Semi Plan Objectives 2.5x, 20x, 60x, & Oil Immersion 100x, Spare Eyepieces, USB Camera with Necessary software etc.

Forensic Comparison Microscopes RCM-505T

All technical specifications are same as per Model RCM-505 but supplied with adjustable Trinocular Observation Head.

Forensic Comparison Microscopes RCM-555

This microscope has been designed for quality control, to compare the standard sample with the one in production, its major applications are in industries pertaining to Dies, Tools, Cutters, Blades, Wires etc. It is a multi-integral precision instrument of high performance of fullest versatility for visual observation. Sub-stage lights are provided for transparent specimen. The two images of the objects can be observed in same field of view. Supplied with the following optical combination, in a wooden storing cabinet. Semi Plan Objectives: M4x, M10x and M40x. Eye Piece: WF 10x

Forensic Comparison Microscopes RCM-555T

All technical specifications are same as per Model RCM-555 but supplied with adjustable Trinocular Observation Head.

Advanced Forensic Comparison Microscopes RCM-22

This microscope is for Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science. Analyze and Compare Bullets, Bullet Cartridge Casings, Scratch Marks, Wires, Fibre, Hair, and Paint Fragments. Polarization Capable: Includes both Polarizer and Analyzer for viewing under Cross Polarization Conditions. Two Separate Specimens can be Studied Simultaneously with a Split Screen Viewing. The Comparison Bridge brings Both the Beam Paths together. The two images of the Objects under Examination can be Observed in the Field of View in Multiple Ways. They can be Observed together, Side-By-Side, Separated by a Thin Line that can be Moved to Either Side Allowing More or Less of Either Object to be Viewed. On the Extremes, the Field of View can show Only the Left Object or Only the Right Object. The Viewing also has the Capability to Overlap the images, as well as Control the Amount of Overlapping. Includes Two Photo Ports, One for Still Camera and One for CCD Video Camera!
Stage Specifications : Two fully rotatable mechanical X-Y-Z moveable stages, 65mm. diameter with graduation marks every 2° for the full 360° degrees.
Ball Socketed Inclinable Stages : Ball Socket Mounted Stages Provides Capability to incline.
Eyepieces and Magnification : Large Range of Magnifications from 3.8x upto 144x.
Five Built-In Objectives on rotary selector switches : 0.8x, 1x, 2x, 3x and 4.8x.
Lowest Possible Magnification : Use the 10x eyepiece and bottom reduction lens : (0.8x objective)(10x eyepiece)(1.2 bridge factor)(0.4x bottom lens)=3.8x final.
Largest Possible Magnification : Use the 25x eyepiece and Largest Power Objective : (4.8x Objective)(25x Eyepiece)(1.2 Bridge Factor)=144x Final Magnification.
Working Distance Approximately 105mm.

Accessories For Comparison Microscope RCM-505 and RCM-555 Series

CM-1   Micrometer Slides 1/100 & 10/100
CM-2   Polarizing attachment
CM-4   Semi Plan Objectives : 3x, 20x and 60x
CM-5   Aluminium Storing Box
CM-6   Halogen Bulb 6V / 20 Watts
CM-7   Photomicrography equipment