Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscopes

At Radical, we are committed to provide you with world class optical system at reasonable prices i.e. a better cost to performance ratio. To fulfil this goal our dedicated R & D Team have introduced a new series of Stereoscopic Microscopes RSMr-6, RSMr-8 and RSMr-10. The unmatched optical performance alongwith ergonomic design provides user a comfortable operation and minimum fatigue during long hours of observation. In addition flexible configuration allows easy ungrades through the addition of various accessories.
*Intermediate Modules like Co-axial illuminator, teaching head, drawing tube etc.
*High-eyepoint Eyepieces with built in diopter adjuster brings the image and reticle into focus, making it easier to view images as well as reducing eyestrain.
*Low Position Focus Knob, for quick and effortless focusing thus eliminating the need to twist your shoulders while working on samples.



Technical Specification
Descriptions Item Code RSMr-10 RSMr-8 RSMr-6
Optical System Parallel Optics Zoom System
Total Magnification*


4x-480x 4x-378x 4x-200x
Objective Tubes RSAPO  0.5
RSAPO  1.0
RSP      1.5
RSP      2.0
Plan APO  0.5
Plan APO  1.0x
Plan        1.5x
Plan        2.0x
Eyepiece Tubes


Standard Binocular , Low Eye-Level Binocular.
Eyepiece Inclination RSBI
20° (Standard Binocular and Low Eye-Level Binocular )
0°-30°(Tilting Binocular)
Inter-Pupillary Distance


48-75mm.(1.9" - 3.0")
Eye-Pieces with Diopter Adjustment RSE  10
RSE  10i
RSE  15
RSE  20
RSE  30
WF10X (F.N.22)
WF10X (F.N.24)
WF15X (F.N.16)
WF20X (F.N.12.5)
WF30X (F.N.7.0)
Zoom Range


0.8X-8X 0.8X-6.4X 0.8X-5X
Zoom Ratio


1:10 1:8 1/6.3
Illumination Systems RSMLED
Epi-illumination, Incident & Trensmitted LED, Intensity/ Brightness control, Fibre optic light source with single or double flexible light pipes. Co-axial illuminator 12v-100w Halogen circular Fluorescent illuminator.
Stands RSMST
Plan Focusing Stand
Co-axial coarse and fine focusing Stand
Gemological Stand
Camera Attachment RSMP1
Single Camera tube
Double Camera tube
Optional Accessories Dark filed attachment, articulated stand, Camera system, Analysis Softares etc.